The How and Why of Shopify

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When first launching an eCommerce website, it can be difficult to decide what platform to help design and build your website. Shopify is a popular and effective program to consider when reaching this step in your online business. It is a complete commerce program that is entirely cloud based. It will allow you to easily […]

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8 Tips to Enhance Product SEO

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Search engine optimization is an important aspect to focus on in your marketing mix. It helps you improve your search engine ranking when consumers search for relatable keywords and topics to your website. It is important to be on the top of the searches because millions of users turn to search engines to help answer […]

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Google Adwords And Why You Should Be Using It In 2019

  The Internet is changing Becoming noticed on the internet is increasingly becoming more difficult for e-commerce websites. It can feel like you are facing a thousand other businesses and struggling to gain customer traffic. A tool that can be used to help combat this, is Google Ads. It is a pay per click (PPC) […]

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CRM for Ecommerce Stores (Hubspot)


  What is a CRM? Managing relationships with customers is becoming one of the most important aspects of modern business. A CRM program, also known as customer relationship management, is a system that allows for greater management of the relationships that a business has with its customers. It can store information such as, who the […]

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Leah Fishman | Brews & Business with Jacob Dubois

brews & business jacob dubois

  We would like to introduce you to Brews & Business, an interview series with our favorite people talking about, well, brews and business. We have been falling in love with long form content lately and wanted to add our own to the space. You’ll find us discussing our guest’s areas of specialty and just […]

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Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a free tracking tool that provides detailed information about the individuals visiting your website and the actions that they take while on your website. It allows for a comprehensive understanding of what your website is excelling in and where it needs improvement. This information can help to create strong data – driven […]

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How to set goals nearly impossible to forget

  There’s no doubting that people who set goals are more successful than those who don’t. Setting goals can be quite easy but executing on those goals is often much more difficult. There’s a number of reasons someone forgets or fails at their goals. Let’s try to eliminate as many reasons as possible. Why are […]

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A/B Testing

  What is A/B Testing? A/B testing is a way to perform controlled experimentation for your ecommerce website. It involves creating a hypothesis, a control, and a variable. The goal is to test new ideas for your website and see how successful they will be with consumers. This allows you to better implement changes to […]

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Get started with Personalized Marketing

Personalization in marketing is quickly becoming more and more essential to stand out against the noise. With new technology & businesses aimed to help you personalize your marketing materials, it’s easy to get started. 79% of consumers say they are only likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalized to reflect previous […]

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The Power of Contests & Giveaways

Contests & Giveaways are a classic marketing tactic that have been around for quite awhile but with new technology, comes new rules. By offering an item for free, a company both attracts new customers while engaging their existing customers. What are they? Contests & Giveaways are a great way to bring potential customers to you, […]

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