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Jacob Dubois


Jacob helps businesses plan, build & grow their online store through consistent & effective digital marketing. Jacob most often works behind the scenes to ensure Uptown Cow & its clients have internal structures that keep things running smoothly and stores continuously improving.

Jacob grew up in New Hampshire where he discovered a passion for small business. He followed this passion to the University of Vermont where he graduated with a concentration in Community Entrepreneurship and Computer Science. After graduating, he started Uptown Cow to help online stores convert more online.

Jacob thinks he's a daredevil. Send him a challenge, we’ll take a video of it and publish it for the world (and potential clients) to see.

Current Challenges

⭐Bungee Jump
Go skydiving, backflipping out of the plane
⭐Take ballroom dance lessons
⭐Via Ferrata Bridge at Mt. Nimbus
⭐Go waste free for one month!!
⭐Water ski with no skis
⭐Go Jousting
⭐Model for a figure drawing class
⭐Qualify for the NYC marathon
⭐Eat plant-based (vegan) for one week 🥕
⭐I challenge you to spend only $3 on food over the course of 3 days; that is $1 a day of food.
⭐Sing “A Thousand Miles” at a karaoke bar
⭐Call five of your loved ones and tell them you love them
⭐Do a Zumba class…wearing a spandex suit
⭐ Sell something (anything!) to a stranger, without speaking. can be something as small as a drawing, and it can sell for only 50 cents. No words! 
⭐ Learn to knit a scarf
⭐ Fund a Highschooler’s business plan


Past Challenges

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