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The Internet is changing

Becoming noticed on the internet is increasingly becoming more difficult for e-commerce websites. It can feel like you are facing a thousand other businesses and struggling to gain customer traffic. A tool that can be used to help combat this, is Google Ads. It is a pay per click (PPC) advertising service that allows you to focus your advertisements on certain regions. It is a strong tool that allows you to strategically place your ads in the right place at the right time, for the right budget.


What are Google Ads?

As mentioned above Google Ads is a PPC advertising service that allows for more traffic of high value customers, for a small cost per acquisition. The service displays advertisements on Google and its advertising network. The adservice is largely focused on keywords and bidding on them. These are words or phrases that a potential consumer will type when conducting a search in Google. When setting up a new adwords campaign you can use the Keyword planner tool to better understand what keywords to add to a campaign. It allows you to discover new keywords, research them, and even get potential bid estimates.

Advertisements are placed on Google based on ad rank. This is calculated by multiplying the bid on a keyword by the quality score of the ad. The quality score is how well the ad, keywords, and ad groups fit in with what the user is searching for in Google. When a specific ad scores a high ad rank then it will be one of the advertisements that is posted. The highest ad rank will be on the top-most search result of the Google page. Even after your advertisement is posted, you only start to pay once it gets clicked on by a consumer.


Why You Should Use It?

How Google Ads Can Be Used

An e-commerce company that is selling chocolate is hoping to increase sales during the upcoming Holiday season. Based in Boston, they have noticed a large spike of traffic to their website from Chicago and the surrounding metropolitan area. To take advantage of these interested consumers, they have decided to launch a Google Ads Campaign to help capture more potential traffic from this area. They created a budget for the campaign and picked appropriate keywords to place into their campaign. As customers in Chicago search for chocolate and related keywords the e-commerce company’s ads will start to show up at the top of the Google search results. This will in turn cause more consumers to click onto their website and hopefully help sales and revenue increase.


Final Thoughts

Google Ads is now becoming a staple in every company’s marketing mix. It is a program that allows you to connect with more consumers while driving more traffic to your site. It helps to affordably bring in traffic by setting budgets. This traffic in turn will help to increase sales and conversion rates. Get on board today and drive your business to the next level. If you need any help, as always, let me know.