The Importance of Product Descriptions

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Product descriptions are an important aspect of an e-commerce business. Unfortunately, they often get overlooked or underutilized. It is easy to fill this area with unappealing information, or just to copy the factory specifications from your supplier. This should be avoided at all costs. Although it may take some time, we advocate having strongly written product descriptions which can help to increase sales and revenue for your company.

A product description is used to show a products value to a potential customer on your website. If done well, it will provide features and benefits of the product which will influence a potential customer to purchase. A product description should include a description on how it can fix a customers problem. Many times customers go shopping to find a solution to a problem, this is a perfect area to highlight why your product is the best for them.

Below are some of the tips that we have created to help you get the most out of your product descriptions:



Write Your Product Descriptions:

Sounds easy right? Many e-commerce retailers tend to copy the description and facts that are provided by the manufacturer. Some of these facts and features will be relevant, but not all of them. Make sure to take some time to develop and write at least part of your product descriptions, it will help you stand out to your consumer.

Tell a Story:

This doesn’t have to be an elaborate fairy tail, but writing a story about the product can help sell it to the customer. You could use storytelling aspects to talk about the product’s history, or highlighting how it could help solve a specific problem.

Write For Your Target Audience:

This is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when writing product descriptions. Would you use the same language when selling a television on craigslist as you would selling it to your mother? Probably not. When writing these descriptions it is important to use phrases and words that are relevant to your target audience and their uses.

Test Descriptions:

You won’t be able to make every description perfect when you first write it. You will have to test different variations to see what works best for your website. If you notice low conversion on a product, consider adjusting the description in slight increments and measuring the results.


Make sure to include all of the details that are applicable to the customers shopping on your website. If you notice an influx of emails asking about certain product features, include those on the description. Some consumers want more details, while others want only a small amount of information.

Easy To Read:

I know that we’ve given you a number of tips so far, but don’t let your descriptions get overly complicated. Make sure that they will be easy to read and comprehend for the users visiting your website. Have others read your finalized description to see if they can identify the main selling points.

Wrapping Up

Product descriptions are an important part of your website, and shouldn’t get brushed under the table. It will take some time and creativity to understand what aspects are important to include in your descriptions. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to our team.

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