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Getting Started

So you’re ready to get started? 

Well there’s just one more step before we go official. 

A lot of other agencies are about the smash n’ grab. They come in, make big promises, get the work done, and are gone as quick as they came. 

This is fine, but it’s not how we do it. You see, we think of each client as a partner and the way we structure our partnerships is unique. 

We want to be around at the end of the year. Instead of taking a big upfront fee, we charge a monthly retainer. This allows us to give you more attention and consistently work on your brand. As time goes on, we’ll learn more about you and your product, which will help us find more upside in your marketing. 

So what we need you to do is read through the below one last time and confirm you understand what we’re going to be helping you with. Once that’s done, it’s time to pay and get started!

What Will Happen When You Work with Uptown Cow

Phase 1: Optimize & Setup | 3 – 4 Weeks

This is where we go over all your systems in detail and start going after the quickest return items.

  1. Once you fill out the Onboarding Form with background information on you, your brand, and the goals you have for your online store, we’ll start reviewing your site. 
  2. We’ll compile our list of changes, activities, and priorities that best suit your store, and then discuss it on our Kickoff call.  so we can be efficient and effective with our time together.
  3. You give the go ahead, and we get working on the building block to your future growth. This could be as simple as a Welcome Email series or as complex as setting up paid traffic for the first time. 

What we may need from you:

  • Access to your Website, Email Client, Advertising Platforms, etc.
  • Content for web pages or email campaigns
  • All brand materials

Phase 2: Ongoing Services

We want you to think of us as a partner that you’re dividing the work with. You keep focused on the product, and we’ll handle all the marketing and E-Commerce tasks. 

Phase 2 is about what happens after the systems have been implemented. Our team will test campaigns, manage ad spend, and make sure everything possible is being done to grow your store. 

Plus, all ongoing clients get access to our growing bank of resources, tools, and templates. We’re working with brands across all sorts of industries, and you can use our learnings to convert more customers in your store.

Here’s the list of services we’ll help with:

  • E-Commerce Management
  • Monthly Marketing Strategy
  • Ongoing Email Strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Page & Product Updates
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Ongoing SEO Strategy
  • Unlimited Web Promotions
  • Custom Web Features
  • Troubleshooting
  • Advertising Setup & Management
  • Channel Management



And here’s the part you really need to pay attention to. There are certain things we don’t do:

  • We DO format, design & schedule email campaigns. We DO NOT write copy, take photos, or speak for your brand.
  • We DO optimize your existing online store. We DO NOT transfer your store to another platform. (We can, it’ll just be an additional fee)
  • We DO provide templates, tools, and resources for easily promoting your online store on an ongoing basis. We DO NOT write or post social media posts for you.

How Billing Works

Every month, you’ll receive an invoice for the next month’s work. No contracts necessary and if you’d like, we can automate the payments so you don’t have to be hassled by recurring invoices. 

The fees for each package are below:

$4,000/monthly – Growth Mode

This is our express ticket to growth. Companies put us in the front seat so we can get them the growth they desire. Outsource all the day-to-day operations for your marketing store while drastically increasing orders and sales. All your systems will get tweaked on a weekly basis, and we’ll always be on the lookout for more high-return changes. If you have the budget for paid traffic, Growth Mode is for you. 

$2,500/monthly – Fully Managed

If you’re doing well but want to squeeze more juice out of your marketing budget, our Fully Managed package is for you. Boost your bottom line, free up more time, and run all the promotions and marketing activities you were too overstretched to handle before. 

Now that you’ve read all the details…

You should know that we’re not a social media  agency who will write your social posts, and we won’t create your content. What we will do is run your systems with all the care and attention as if it was our own, and help you free up time to focus on what matters most. 

To get started growing your online store, select the package that best suits you and proceed to the payment page. 

As soon as you pay, we’ll send your Welcome email to set up our kickoff call. 

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