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What We Do
Why We Do It
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A Full Service eCommerce Company

What We Do

We create and implement effective strategies to grow your website sales, develop your brand, & ensure success online.

Some of the ways we can grow your business

Website Design

eCommerce Management

Domains & Hosting


Graphic Design

Product Photography

Website Management

Amazon Seller Management

Social Media

How We Work With You

1. Brainstorm

The first thing we love to do is get to know you & your business or idea. It’s integral to building a successful working relationship. The better we know the business, the more we can help.

3. Test & Analyze

Once the work is live, we’ll monitor and analyze how people react. This is to ensure we are on the right track to growing your company.


Design & Implement

After developing strategies with you, we start designing & implementing them while you run the business.

Maintenance 4.

We believe our ability and long-term vested interest in your growth is the single largest reason our clients keep coming back. We are in this together and will work with you monthly to reach your goals.

Why is all this Important?

The Marketing

Running your business isn’t easy. There are dozens of variables you need to keep track of and we get it, sometimes marketing isn’t your first priority. This is where we come in. Since all customers will ever see of your business is your marketing, website, and brand identity, we want it to be well honed and consistent. Working with us grantees you a 24/7 marketing and eCommerce team that will never let your business be anything but first priority.

Our Process

When Uptown Cow started, the eCommerce marketing world wasn’t pretty. Companies would hire outside eCommerce help, pay a one time fee, and be abandoned with a pretty looking but barely functioning website or marketing campaign they didn’t know how to run. We want to work with you on a regular basis because good eCommerce and marketing never ends.